Myregaard Bornholm is situated in the countryside near the sandy beaches of Dueodde, in the southeast corner of Bornholm. We are 25 km from Rønne (by car, bus, bike or foot) and 10 km from downtown Nexø. At Myregaard, guests enjoy the quiet of the countryside, the expanse of our gardens, and uninterrupted views of the sunrise and sunset across the open fields that surround us.

If you arrive by ferry to Rønne, follow the signs towards Dueodde onto Søndre Landevej/Poulskervej. After 25 km, you will see Pouls Kirke (Church) on the right. Just past the church, turn right onto Udegårdsvejen - you will see a sign that says Bed & Breakfast. Our yellow farmhouse is located on the left, 700 meters from the church.

The nearest bus stop is at Pouls Kirke, 700 meters from us. 

Keep in mind that the closest grocery stores are in Pedersker (5 km) and Snogebæk (5 km). We have snacks and drinks for sale, and a full kitchen for you to prepare your own food. If you expect to arrive hungry, plan accordingly. 

Snogbæk is a charming harbor town that can be reached in 5 km along Poulskervej or a more leisurely 8 km following the bike path along Strandmarksvejen (which becomes Duoddevej). In Snogebæk, you will find a variety of restaurants, a smokehouse, supermarket, and chocolates and gifts for sale, as well as a playground and family friendly beach area.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about your best travel options.

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